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The year is 1888. You are "The Lawpeople." (Used to be "The Lawmen," but was changed after the sheriff's office became co-ed.) For years, you've been after a nefarious gang called "The In-law Outlaws," a group of nasty criminals who also happen to be related by marriage.


The gang has lured you onto a train... and then jumped off before it got up to speed. By the time you realize you've been had, the train is going 50 mph through rough terrain, and there's no way to disembark safely. What's worse is that the train is hurtling toward the end of an unfinished rail that hangs over the Potash Ravine. Can you stop the train before you become buzzard food? 

Note: Safari is not currently supported for this game. 

Off The Rails

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You are Geoffrey, a serf, and you bear an arguably uncanny likeness to the king of a neighboring kingdom. The king has locked you in his chambers and is gallivanting about town in your stead. He's returning in 75 minutes, at which point you'll be thrown into the crocodile moat. Can you find your way out of the castle and out of the kingdom before his royal nastiness returns? 


This is a parody of the King's Quest games of the '80s and '90s, and a throwback to early computer and video adventure games in general. Are you ready for your 8-bit journey? 

Serf's Quest



The Comedy of Terrors

While getting ready to rehearse your play, one of your castmates uttered the one word you are not supposed to say inside a theatre. You have angered a spirit - the resident ghost of the Lincoln Theatre.


He has locked the doors and windows, and has vowed to bring the building down on your heads... unless you can solve a series of puzzles and escape in 75 minutes.


So it may not be curtains for you after all. 

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Where am I? 

The short answer is that you have arrived at the website for Wild Hare Escapes. If you're looking for a more existential answer, or have recently suffered a blow to the head and are experiencing amnesia, we likely cannot help you. 

If, on the other hand, you're looking for an immersive, interactive online escape room experience, you're in the right place! We only have two games for now, but our plan is to roll out one new virtual escape room every month or two until we have more rooms than Buckingham Palace. (775. That should save you a Google.) 

Why play an escape room remotely rather than play in a physical room? We can think of a few reasons. 

  • There's a pandemic happening. You're statistically safer staying in your home and trying to escape the clutches of a deranged theatre ghost or homicidal king than going somewhere that people touch things. 

  • You can have fun playing with friends and family from all over the country, or the world. 

  • You don't have to change out of your Spongebob onesie. 

  • Live rooms are restricted by space and scope. But in our games, we're free to create expansive worlds for you to explore, and can offer limitless options for gameplay. 

  • Our games are great for team building events. They perfectly mirror your daily struggle to survive and escape from corporate drudgery. 

  • It's cheaper, allowing you to pinch those pennies for a rainy day. So you can... buy an umbrella, or whatever.

  • You don't have to worry about broken locks or busted set pieces. If you play one of our games and something goes wrong, it's Zoom's fault. 

So sign up to play and we promise you'll have a good time. We can't guarantee it though, because that introduces all kinds of legal complications. 

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