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About Us

​We at Wild Hare Escapes have one goal: to provide the best, most entertaining online escape room experience we possibly can. Or die trying.


Each of our games follows ten unholy commandments: 

  1. Thou Shalt Be Funny. We feel that humor is an absolutely essential element of a successful escape room. We want you to laugh your way to freedom. 

  2. Thou Shalt Feature Top-Notch Puzzles. Our puzzle designer is a regular contributor to Games World of Puzzles. If you want truly challenging puzzles, you've come to the right place. 

  3. Thou Shalt Be Expansive. Live escape rooms are limited to just a few physical spaces, but virtual escape rooms have no such limitations. In each game, you'll be able to explore a multitude of locations. 

  4. Thou Shalt Be Immersive. Each game has a rich back story, and that story will continue into and throughout the game. Our hope is that you won't just feel like you're solving a series of puzzles—you'll be lost in the adventure. 

  5. Thou Shalt Be Interactive. Some players may like ordering a live avatar about, but we think most players like having a bit more control. That's why we hand over the reins for you to remotely explore the space instead.

  6. Thou Shalt Have Dazzling Visuals. Our scenes may be two-dimensional, but you can be assured that the artwork will knock your footie pajamas right off. 

  7. Thou Shalt Be User-Friendly. You'll be able to maneuver about each game with ease. If you know how to click a button on your screen, you can play. 

  8. Thou Shalt Be Unique. You can pretty much count on the fact that we will never offer a bank heist room, a spy room, or a room where a zombie chases you through a basement. We strive to create original, one-of-a-kind scenarios and storylines. Because we know how easily you get bored. 

  9. Thou Shalt Provide an Enjoyable Social Experience. This is about solving puzzles, yes, but it's also about having fun. You can connect with your friends via phone or zoom and all of you can enjoy being lost and frustrated together.

  10. Thou Shalt Be One of Many. Wild Hare intends to offer an extensive variety of rooms. Because there's no reason we can't have both quality and quantity.

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