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Off the Rails

The year is 1888. You are "The Lawpeople." (Used to be "The Lawmen," but was changed after the sheriff's office became co-ed.) For years, you've been after a nefarious gang called "The In-law Outlaws," a group of nasty criminals who also happen to be related by marriage.


The gang has lured you onto a train... and then jumped off before it got up to speed. By the time you realize you've been had, the train is going 50 mph through rough terrain, and there's no way to disembark safely. What's worse is that the train is hurtling toward the end of an unfinished rail that hangs over the Potash Ravine.


Can you stop the train before you become buzzard food? 

Note: Safari is not currently supported for this game

     Low   Difficulty

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60 minutes

4-8 players


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