The maximum number of players in a group is 10, but we recommend between 4-8 players.

Also note that no strangers will be put into your room. Good news for you introverts.

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Serf's Quest

You are Geoffrey, a serf, and you bear an arguably uncanny likeness to the king of a neighboring kingdom. The king has locked you in his chambers and is gallivanting about town in your stead. He's returning in 75 minutes, at which point you'll be thrown into the crocodile moat. Can you find your way out of the castle and out of the kingdom before his royal nastiness returns? 


This is a parody of the King's Quest games of the '80s and '90s, and a throwback to early computer and video adventure games in general. Are you ready for your 8-bit journey? 




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75 minutes

4-10 players