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The Legend of the Labyrinth

Some may have heard the legend of Theseus---the brave warrior who entered King Minos' labyrinth, found his way to the vicious Minotaur, fought and killed the creature, and then emerged from the maze victorious. 

Baloney. The guy just has a killer press agent. 


In reality, Theseus (a close personal friend of yours), has always been a total screw-up. One night recently he got hammered and volunteered to go into the labyrinth to kill the Minotaur. Classic Theseus. He went in there with his girlfriend, Ariadne, and got completely lost (as expected). You and your group of friends would never abandon him, however; you're headed into the labyrinth after your hapless friend. 


Anyone who's ever been inside the maze for more than 75 minutes has become hopelessly lost, so your goal is to get in, find Theseus and Ariadne, and escape in a hurry. Should you encounter the Minotaur along the way…well, you’ll have to cross that bull when you come to it. 

  Medium   Difficulty

Gift certificate? 

Pick a game and date below. After you're done booking, you'll get an email from us with further instructions. Sounds very "James Bond" of us, doesn't it? 



75 minutes

4-8 players

(at least 2 players required)

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