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What is this? 

Our apologies if you ended up here while looking up Welsh rabbit recipes. We are an online escape room company, offering a host of immersive, interactive, and entertaining escape room experiences. 

How does that work exactly? 

Well, you have to pay us first. We're not doing this for our health.

Once we have your money, you'll be given remote access to one of our games, where you and your friends will have an hour (or so) in which to escape a given location (or series of locations). To escape, you'll explore the scenes, solve puzzles, and collect inventory items that will help you along your journey. If you need hints, they'll be there for you. Oh, and you'll have fun. That's the idea, anyway. 


You can book a room here

What does it cost?


It will cost you $50 (regardless of the number of players) and about an hour-and-a-half of your life. 

When can I play? 


Booking times begin at 9 am and end at 9 pm. Note that, when booking a game, all times shown are PST. West coast represent

What do I need to play? 

You'll need reliable internet, paper and pen, and the link to the web game (which we'll email to you). 

How long do I have to escape? 

60 or 75 minutes, depending on the game. 

Can we add time?

Not unless you are a highly skilled wizard. 

Will we be paired up with some random weirdos?

Nope. Each booking is private. The only weirdos playing with you will be the ones you know personally. 


What if I'm claustrophobic?

Then we recommend that you don't take your laptop into your crawl space before logging in.  


Can I play by myself? 

You can, as long as you're not playing The Legend of the Labyrinth, where at least two players are required. Why? Let's just say that it gets awfully lonely in that maze. 

What games do you have?

Right now, we have four—Serf's Quest, The Comedy of Terrors, Off the Rails, and The Legend of the Labyrinth. 

How hard are your games? 

Difficulty varies from room to room. The real question is: how hard are you?

Are your games appropriate for all ages? 

There's no excessive violence or full frontal nudity, if that's what you're asking. But some of the humor is targeted at adults, and there are a few things that may disturb ridiculously sensitive viewers. 

Will this FAQ section ever end? 

Oh, don't act like you're not enjoying it. 

What happens if we escape? 

You'll also get the satisfaction of a job well done. And, depending on how long it takes you, you'll possibly also experience the onset of carpal tunnel syndrome. 

Can we play a game more than once? 

To date, we have never turned down anyone's money. But once you've played the game, you know all the secrets, so you likely wouldn't get as much out of it a second time. 


Is there a dress code?

It's "business very casual." Pants optional. 

What if I have comments, compliments, criticisms, or thinly veiled threats? 

We love all of those (we're adrenaline junkies). You can contact us here with any feedback; tell us what works and doesn't work for you, as well as what you'd like to see in future games. 

Are y'all single? 

No, sorry. We're taken. Flattered though. 

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