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Here are some things we haven't even paid people to say about us:

From Reviewers/Bloggers:


"Wild Hare Escapes needs to make more rooms pronto so we can give them our money! It’s wonderful to see escape room designers striving for new and innovative ways to give people a great escape room experience even during a global pandemic. And Wild Hare does not disappoint. We also think this is a great platform post-COVID for those who are intrigued by escape rooms but are hesitant to lock themselves in a physical room, potentially with strangers. This is a fun, challenging intro to new escapees and a wonderful opportunity for seasoned enthusiasts to escape some rooms while we all wait for normal times to resume. Go book one of their rooms now!" -The Escape Couple 


"The game looked good, and at its heart was a point and click adventure, not too dissimilar to the Campfire Legends series of games. The graphics were charming and clear, and captured the feeling of a haunted theatre well, with a few cheeky jump scares throughout the game. What Comedy of Terrors did have in spades was comedy. The small snippets of extra story and world building had a satirical tone, which managed to poke fun at thespians in a loving sort of way (and boy did it make me yearn to be back in a theatre!) The game was quite expansive, with lots of different areas to explore, and even through it’s point and click in nature, it created a fairly immersive environment." -Brit of an Escape Habit

"It's a really solid computer-based escape game. It has good graphics, everything is really well-designed as far as the look of the game. I loved the theme of the game; I really, really love theatre... I'm an actor, so I just love all those theatre-themed games, and the idea that someone were to say the name of the Scottish play in the theatre and just mess up the world for us... it feels real. And I loved the humor; I thought the humor was very, very funny. Even on their website you can find their humor." -HauntGirl

From Our Beloved Players:


"We had such an incredible time playing... we were not able to travel home for the holidays due to COVID and this was a perfect way to bring us together with our family members in Chicago. The puzzles were difficult but not so difficult that it ruined our fun... just challenging enough! Adam was an amazing host and guide and was available any time we needed a clue. The time went by so fast because we were having so much fun and we all were sad to be done... we will definitely be booking another one. If you're looking for something you can do with family far away, this is EXACTLY what you are looking for. It seriously was some of the most fun we have had since quarantine began! -Gail H.

"We had a blast even though we couldn’t escape! Looking forward to the scary one!" -Wendy L.

"Really enjoyed playing. Wasn't really sure what to expect from a virtual escape room but it was super fun and just the right amount of challenging."


"We loved the game and we are in the process of booking the other room. It was the right amount of challenging; the experience managed to mimic that of a real escape room; the host was AWESOME---and had the perfect balance. We knew he was there and we could access his help. His clues were spot on--always the right nudge (or non-nudge if we just about had it!)."

"I really think the story and graphics are great."


"I very much enjoyed the game and would (and have) recommended to friends!"

"Great customer service. We had 6 people ready to play, and I had booked the wrong time. Your team took some quick actions and got us playing in no time. Thanks!"

"Next time please incorporate some actual escaping wild hares. Domesticated sedentary rabbits are also acceptable."

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